Our mission is to build you a website and online marketing strategy that fuels your business development strategy. One that promotes your business, builds your brand, gets you more customers and makes you more sales.

We have a well proven 5 step strategic approach to get you there

Step 1: Build the Plan of Attack

Build The Plan of AttackNothing can be achieved without a plan. In most cases the goal is to attract more customers, make more sales and project your brand. The question is how? That’s what the plan answers. We:

  • Incorporate any specific business objectives you have
  • We identify and analyze your specific target market
  • We gain a clear understanding of your business model
  • We do a competitive analysis
  • We identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • We identify/create a strong competitive advantage

With this data in place we craft a focused strategic plan that serves as a roadmap moving forward.

Step 2: Measure Success

Measure successWe won’t know if the plan is working if we don’t have in place a clear set of success metrics. Technology pretty much allows us to measure anything from traffic visiting your website, how many people clicked through to a landing page on an email campaign, or even detailed demographics from a Facebook advertising campaign.

Our key performance indicators are crucial to the success of any ongoing campaign. They guide us us at all times indicating where successful tactics need to be built on or course corrections taken where needed.

Step 3: Attract the Traffic

Attract The TrafficOur online search and marketing programs utilize SEO, content marketing and social media marketing to drive more relevant and qualified traffic to your website.

Insuring that your business ranks well in Search Engine queries, crafting consistent valuable content that solves problems for your target audience, and engaging your customers on social networks all play a strong role in attracting qualified inbound traffic.

Step 4:  Convert the Traffic

Convert the TrafficOur websites are hand crafted to maximize conversions. Their specific goal is to lead a visitor to a call to action. That call to action could be purchasing a product from your online store, completing an email inquiry, subscribing to a newsletter, requesting a demo, calling your office or any number of other actions.

Whatever the specific action, we craft your website to get your visitors to it.

Step 5: Build the Trust

Build The TrustBuilding trust builds brand loyalty. How many times have you purchased a product or service from a company you don’t trust? Building that trust is an ongoing process of engaging your customer base with consistent relevant and quality content. Content that projects your brand attributes, solves your customer’s problems, educates and informs them, makes them feel good and also rewards them for their loyalty. We provide content marketing programs tailored specifically to your customers needs that build that trust and loyalty.

Our 360 Degree Approach

Our 360 degree approach provides a roadmap for every step in the process from setting your business objectives to making sales and nurturing your customer base. It’s a well proven methodology that has provided the basis of effective successful strategies for the many clients we have worked with.

About The Team

Steve Garth Ink is headed up Steve Garth. Having founded, owned and operated multiple technology companies in his thirty year professional career, Steve Garth has deep insight into how business operates and personal experience of the daily challenges small business faces. He has a unique blend of business, marketing, sales, design and technology experience to bring to every project.

We have a diverse team of specialists providing a wide range of services including:

If you don’t have a website, or have a website that’s not attracting or capturing leads, then call us on 505 250 1990 for a free consultation. We will discuss how to turn your online presence into an effective part of your business development strategy.

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