Pharaoh Hound Club of America

Pharaoh Hound Club of America

The Project Brief

  • Modernize the current website design
  • Promote the attributes of the Pharaoh Hound Breed
  • Provide information relating to the breed standard, best practices for raising and caring for Pharaoh Hounds, and information for prospective new owners of the breed
  • Provide a membership area for members only
  • Provide the ability for the club to manage and maintain the website themselves

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to promote the attributes of the Pharaoh Hound in such a manner as to make the club proud of the breeds’ five thousand year heritage.

The Solution

A discovery session with board members identified the following important breed attributes:

  • Regal – as befits the original Egyptian Pharaohs who owned the hounds five thousand years ago
  • Playful
  • Curious
  • Strong and Determined hunters

We decided the best approach to take was to create a handful of large signature images and rotate them on the home page. They had to be visually striking enough to capture the immediate attention of a website visitor. Each content section also used multiple images to promote the versatility and character of the breed.

In addition a membership section was created and a blog to promote various Pharaoh Hound Activities and Events.

The Results

The Pharaoh Hound Club are extremely pleased and proud of their new website and are actively using it to much greater effect as a resource for their membership.

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