Softengine Inc. – Business Management Systems

The Project Brief

Softengine Inc. supply ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and eCommerce solutions to small and medium business. These are integrated business management solutions that support all key business processes and workflows. Their primary products are SAP Business One and Magento eCommerce.

We were asked to:

  • Create a more modern, fresher and easier to navigate design for their current website
  • Build a sales funnel to generate leads and increase conversion rate
  • Structure the website such that it can be used both as a customer resource and a sales tool for the field sales people
  • Create an easily accessible content architecture
  • Create a blog as a foundation for content marketing
  • Create and project a distinct competitive advantage
  • Develop an SEO strategy

The Challenge

The two challenges discovered during the initial planning and strategy sessions were complexity and density. Softengine are in the business of selling complicated technical products. Sales cycles are long and involve multiple steps, ticket prices are high, each installation is specifically customized and a lot of training, education and support is required every step of the way.

In addition the volume of information and data associated with each product solution is immense and constantly growing as new updates and variations are brought to market.

In addition:

  • The current website was old and outdated
  • There was no clear value proposition
  • There was a mountain of very dense content that was not organized in any logical fashion. A website visitor had to work really hard to get the information they needed
  • No sales funnel leading a visitor to a call to action and conversion to a qualified lead
  • No process in place to create dialog and engagement with the target market

The Solution

The first step was to unpack the mountain of content and sort it into specific categories. We chose:

  • Solutions
  • Products
  • Services
  • Success Stories
  • The Softengine Advantage

We then broke down the categories into sub categories and the content into easier to read sections. We added a lot of images at this point to make it easier for the visitor to gain a quicker appreciation of the subject matter.

The next step was to identify Softengine’s value proposition and competitive advantage, which was not immediately apparent from their current website.

After some further strategy sessions with stakeholders we created “The Softengine Advantage”. This describes the detailed process and methodology Softengine deploys in leading their customers through the transition to their new ERP system with minimal disruption to the customers business operations. It was a process already in place but had never been used in a sales or marketing context. This was the missing piece of the puzzle in the sales funnel.

We built the sales funnel with two entry points: Solutions and Products. We added calls to action at all junctions. We also created a blog as the foundation for content marketing and as a customer engagement tool and email capture device for the purposes of drip marketing. The site was given a much more modern, clean and open design with significantly easier content access.

The Results

According to Softengine sales conversions have “gone through the roof!” The Softengine website is now an indispensable tool for salespeople when pitching prospects and the blog is building a healthy subscriber base to drip market to.

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