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Reap the benefits of a website designed to capture leads and convert them into new customers for your business

Why Do You Want a Website?

  • My competitor has one and I don’t
  • Because mine looks like it was designed in the ’70’s
  • It will grow my business won’t it?

Answering the question why is your first step to online success. At Steve Garth Ink we operate from the principal that a website has two primary functions – to build brand and build business. It’s an integral part of your business development strategy.

If you don’t have a website then you’re missing a huge opportunity to increase your business.

If your current website looks like it was designed in the ’70’s you can always wait another ten years until it comes back into fashion. Alternatively you can invest in a makeover now and we’ll not only give it a modern look and feel but also design it to capture new leads and convert them into customers for you.

And in answer to the last question – yes, a website if intelligently designed and developed will increase your business.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Before one line of code is written we spend as much time as needed to create a plan that clearly identifies your business objectives and develops a strategy to meet and exceed them. Some typical questions we ask are:

  • Who is your target market?
  • How does your product or service solve your customer’s problem?
  • How does it solve your customer’s problem better than your competitor?
  • How does your business model work?
  • How do you currently market your product/service?
  • Where do you want your business to be next month/quarter/year?
  • What specific business challenges do you face?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?

We bring over thirty years experience founding and operating successful businesses to the table. We understand the daily challenges that businesses face. We have helped clients from a wide range of industries meet their goals. We leverage that experience to assist you in developing a plan for an online strategy that meets your business objectives.

What Should a Website Do?

Your website has two roles – to project brand and generate business. It’s task is simple. It’s to grab the attention of a visitor in the first 3 seconds, capture their interest, elicit their desire and then lead them to your call to action.

That call to action could be anything from “buy my blue widget” to “sign up for my newsletter.” If your website visitor takes that call to action your website has done it’s job in converting that visitor either into a customer, if they’ve purchased something, or a qualified lead to follow up with.

At Steve Garth Ink we specialize in creating high conversion websites. We first establish its primary function, architect the content is such a manner as to fulfill that function, and then create the design elements to support the primary function and project brand. Form follows function is our mantra.

Each website is lovingly hand crafted using the latest coding standards, responsively designed for mobile devices and optimized for search engines. Oh we forgot to mention they look great and generate new business!

We offer a range of website design development options to suit every budget from starter plans to custom designs. Call us on 505 250 1990 – we’d love to discuss your next project with you.

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